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Eating is good for health as we get energy from our food. Our diet should contain all the ingredients that our body need. Such kind of diet is known as a balanced diet. But who knows what is required by our body? In this category, we will tell you the ingredients and nutrients that are needed by your body and suggest you different nutrition plans to make your diet healthy. We will also discuss the harms of various food items for certain people.

calories in a slice of pizza

How Many Calories in a Slice of PIZZA

Today everyone wants to eat pizza as the best fast food for lunch and dinner. But do you know how many calories in a slice...
High protein low carb foods

Best High Protein Low Carb foods That Works Effectively

High protein low carb foods program can help you to lose weight. Many people have shown that this method is a great...
candida diet

What Makes For a Good Anti Candida Diet?

Candida is a yeast that happens naturally in your system. If your immune system is weak and you are prone to disease,...
How Much Caffeine In a Cup Of Coffee

How Much Caffeine in a Cup of Coffee

Here we will discuss how much caffeine in a cup of coffee? If you are trying to control caffeine consumption to reduce...
High protein low calorie foods

Reduce Fat Fast through High Protein Low Calorie Foods

If you are looking to lose weight or be healthy in general, you should follow a diet that is high protein low calorie foods....