Can you get pregnant on your period?

can you get pregnant on your period

In this article, We will try to answer can you get pregnant on your period. It has become a popular topic for young females. Before moving towards the answer to a question, another question arises, why you want to know about it. Do you want to avoid to get pregnant, or you want to increase the possibilities of getting pregnant just if you’re going to prevent to get pregnant.

Why you want to take chances as you know there are chances to get pregnant even on your periods. Although there are rare opportunities that exist, therefore, you need to use protection instead of period sex.

can you get pregnant on your period

How can you get pregnant on your period

The chances of getting pregnant while on your periods are the concern. We have already discussed rare opportunities. But nobody can say no chance of getting pregnant on your period when you had sex at any time and duration.

There is a chance of getting pregnant because this is a natural process. Chances of getting pregnant are more when you are in ovulating. Otherwise, the only case of getting pregnant while on your period is that you have almost a super short cycle maybe 21-24 days or even less.

The reason is that when you have a short cycle, for example of 23 days then ovulating will be near the about 9th day of the period may be the 8th day. When you had a super short cycle, this sometimes comes about 3rd or 4th day.

Although a general sequence of it 28-30 days. Moreover, if you had a long period may be of 33 days, then ovulating be near about 19th day of the cycle.

How many days after my period can I get pregnant

There are most chances of getting pregnant a normal cycle lasts between 28-30 days. As far as researches are the concern right between 11th to the 21st day. Your fertility is mostly high, and sperm stays two days, three days, and most likely five days. Technically, if a monthly period end in between 5-7 days and right after that period you had sexual intercourse, then you are going to fertility window.

pregnant women

Chances of getting pregnant before the period

As far as chances of getting pregnant concern before period are extremely low, almost impossible. But it is possible when concise cycle. When you had a regular cycle of 28-30 days. It means between 11th and 21st-day ovulating starts. It becomes impossible to get pregnant just a day before periods. Because these are the safest days to avoid getting pregnant.

More close you go to ovulating chances increases, and farther you go chances decreases. Therefore, if you don’t want to get pregnant these 5-6 days safest days. Ovulating starts on the minimum 11th day if a regular cycle and it lasts 12-48 hours, and sperm maximum stays five days in the fallopian tube. Simple logic to avoid getting pregnant.

Reasons behind Periods Sex

There is a misconception created by the new young generation that no chances of getting pregnant with sexual intercourse during periods. It is not the case, but the main reason behind this is the only one which has already discussed, and that avoids to get pregnant. It has researched that if you want to avoid getting pregnant, the best time is just before the periods as discussed above.

Best Time of getting Pregnant

There is the best chance of getting pregnant. When you had sex two days before or just on the day. Because these 12-48 hours are most important as it is time when a women fertility is most of the time. It happens two weeks before the next monthly period’s duration.

  • In case the monthly cycle is mostly the same, then you should use an ovulation calculator to find the best time of getting pregnant.
  • Just use an ovulation prediction kit.
  • Get an idea of when you have most chances of getting pregnant predicting the ovulation symptoms like analyze the body temperature changes because this is the best time of getting pregnant.
  • Install Flo and predict you’re most fertile days this can help sometimes.

Final Words

The whole topic has covered on one question, can you get pregnant on your period? The conclusion is that there is not any confirmation you are not going to get pregnant. Because pregnancy is a natural process. Although, there is the misconception that on your period’s sex, you have no chance to get pregnant. If you want to avoid pregnancy before a day or two from your period’s duration is the best time. If you’re going to get pregnant then right after periods duration is the best time to get pregnant.

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